POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd., a leading independent publisher of children's books in Japan, has been in business for more than 70 years. As it started as a children's books publisher, it has always tried to provide children with enjoyable and exciting books. Today, the company's goals remain unchanged: everything it publishes should be enjoyable and enrich people's lives.

To date, POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd. has published many best-selling picture book series, which have sold more than one million copies, including "the Little Mouse" and "Hide & Seek." It has also published long-selling storybook series, such as "Kaiketsu Zoroi" and "Let's Go! Zukkoke Trio." Moreover, the company launched an encyclopedia series, "Poplardia", in 2002 and an illustrated reference book series, "WONDA", in 2012.

Furthermore, POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd. expanded by publishing books for adults, including fiction, non-fiction, essays and business books, in 1999. Several works of fiction, such as "The Restaurant of Love Regained" and "Midnight Bakery" series, have sold nearly one million copies and have been made into a TV drama and film. POPLAR Publishing Co., Ltd. publishes around 500 titles annually, and many of its titles have been licensed to foreign countries.